by Erik Loehfelm,

I’m embarrassed to post this but in the hopes that it will save someone some time… here goes.

Joe (@merhl) and I are working on a fun iOS project that will soon be released to the public. There is a key component in the application that involves logging into your Facebook account and allowing you to post to your timeline. We have a few people set up as developers within our Facebook sandbox as well as a few set up as testers. I’m set up as a developer, my wife is set up as a tester.

My wife was trying to post to Facebook on her new phone with a beta build of the app and was running into issues. I was able to login and post without a hitch on my phone. Long story short, I spent the past 6 hours trying to debug the app and find a reason why she wasn’t allowed to login to the application. She was getting error codes that effectively said “access_denied”. It turns out, she never registered as a “Facebook developer” and accepted the invite to be a tester for our app. I did that for her, and everything worked fine… instantly.


Why didn’t I check that first? :(