by Erik Loehfelm,

In the final consideration of your Application Definition Statement, it’s time to revisit the list of features and tasks and apply them to your previously defined user. Many of your features that were considered for the initial idea, no longer seem as practical as they once did when brainstorming the concept. Your application’s focus begins to take shape. A good example of an Application Definition Statement for the sample zoo app could be:

“A tool for children visiting the zoo, to discover facts about the animals, and play interactive games.”

By clearly stating your application’s target audience and main features in this way, you will have a guiding principle to build your application upon. When considering functionality as you move forward, always ask yourself the question ‘does this new concept answer to my Application Definition Statement?’ If it does, you should feel confident including it. If it doesn’t, you may want to consider this new functionality for another application. Stay focused!