by Erik Loehfelm,

The term ‘elevator pitch’ is used to describe a brief and focused conversation about a business idea; one which could take place in the short time it takes to ride in an elevator. The strength of an elevator pitch is in it’s focus to communicate the idea. For our app designs, we typically create something similar.

In Apple’s iOS Human Interface Guidelines, they describe a simple, but important tool in the design of iOS apps; an application definition statement.

“An application definition statement is a concise, concrete declaration of an app’s main purpose and its intended audience.” 1

Begin your design process by asking yourself questions such as this:

Who will use this application? Why will they want to use it? How will they use it? In what physical context will they use it in? What aspect of this application will delight and engage the user? What are the main features or functions of this experience?

1 – Apple, iOS Human Interface Guidelines, Feb 2012